Our Impact

Maturn is proud to share the powerful impact it is having on both organizations and mothers. We know that when mothers rise, all of society rises.

From Individuals

This program really touched on every topic that I could possibly think of. There is a little bit for everyone, and even though some of the topics didn’t directly apply to my personal situation, I know of many other women that would benefit from them. At the same time, after reading and researching A LOT independently, I still found a ton of very valuable info for me. This program definitely helps women from the moment when they are thinking about going on maternity leave until they are back. It has coaching, networking, advice from experts, shared experiences from other moms, and much more. I loved it!

Fany De Sousa Mogg

Senior Program Manager, SAP

Maturn gave me confidence and a sense of direction in approaching what has been the most transformative phase of my life. When I first became a Mom, I felt like I had lost part of my identity. Maturn helped me renew my sense of self as an individual, as a Mother and as a leader through their tailored program that supported me in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. One of the most impactful parts of the program for me was the facilitated weekly support calls with other mothers where we had open, vulnerable conversations. These calls really generated a sense of community and I always took something away that I could apply to my everyday life and make it better.

Samantha Lundy

AVP, Stabilization Central Credit Union

It’s hard to adequately express how much this Maturn program would have helped me during my first maternity leave. The space they provide for new, working mothers to hear, share, and normalize their experiences is profoundly beneficial in what can otherwise be a very lonely and isolating time in a woman’s life. Now, on my second maternity leave, I find their weekly sessions with expert speakers incredibly empowering and thought provoking; I walk away with new insights about myself and my own motherhood journey, and a powerful sense of community. Networks like this are invaluable to keeping mothers in the workforce.

Kim Kreppenhofer

Senior AVP, Canadian Western Bank

After I had my third child I was given the opportunity to participate in Maturn. I was impressed with the quality and relevancy of the content and caliber of the coaching and guest speakers. Maturn’s program enables moms to feel better equipped to manage their mental and emotional health and career journey which fosters greater confidence. Confidence is a priceless benefit for any organization striving for gender equity by developing and supporting mother leaders. As someone who has taken three maternity leaves, this leave I will be returning with the highest degree of mental strength directly linked to the education, coaching and community that Maturn has provided. I believe this translates to higher confidence and ultimately stronger leadership at work.”

Vanessa Barretto

Director of Sales & Marketing, Shaw Communications

Maturn has been a centering and grounding foundation supporting my transition into my maternity leave with my first child. Thoughtfully run with openness and empathy, it has helped me prepare for change in a way that honours my past, present and future selves. Being able to focus on showing up as a mother and leader before, during and after maternity leave is a gift for me, my family and my company. Maturn has provided the best support for this transition and is a unique offering to people who want to thrive in career and parenthood.


VP, Analytics Centre of Excellence, Vancity

My experience with the Maturn program has exceeded my expectations. The modules are informative, comprehensive, and thought-provoking. I wish I had access to this program before and during my first maternity leave as I was unprepared for what was ahead and the return to work was extremely challenging.

Maturn provides a safe place full of compassion for participants to openly discuss their struggles and help provide them with coaching and tools to work through them. This has helped me feel like I am not alone and failing as a mother. I highly recommend Maturn and believe more companies should provide employees with this type of support for their mental well-being and growth while on maternity leave.

Emily, CPA, CA,

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Vancity

I am excited and proud to be a part of the Maturn community and am feeling significantly more empowered about this journey as I sink a little deeper into the program. There have been numerous examples from other mothers in the program where I have thought ‘That’s exactly how I feel!’. It’s a powerful feeling knowing that you are not alone, knowing that there is support available, and that you have every opportunity to thrive during a season of your life where it’s felt quite the opposite. I’m only beginning to really delve in to the program, but I can proudly say that my mindset has already started to shift. Thank you.


Manager, Clinical Advisory Services, ICBC

The Maturn program has been an excellent resource for me as I’ve returned to the office. Especially during the pandemic when working conditions have continued to be remote, it’s been a marvel to have a group of other parents available to support me through my transition. The structure of the program through learning, community calls and guest-speakers has felt tailored to my needs as a new parent. Maturn is a program which actively supports women and birth parents and any organization looking to demonstrate their commitment to their people should consider it as part of their core offerings.


Business Transformation Lead, SAP

I have found being part of Maturn to be a fulfilling and validating experience. At a time when I feel vulnerable and uncertain about the new challenges that await me both in motherhood and as a working professional, it is incredibly reassuring to be surrounded by a supportive group of women who are navigating this road themselves. I appreciate the careful thought that has been put into developing and curating the resources available, and cultivating a wonderful community that promotes confidence, provides guidance, and encourages working mothers to do what’s right for them.


Project Manager, Technical Safety BC

As a mother on my second maternity leave, I have deeply appreciated the Maturn community. The weekly coaching calls have been incredibly supportive as I navigate through the transition of a second leave and the changes and challenges it can bring. I feel I am developing greater self-awareness that will support me in my leadership and return to work. Maturn provides a compassionate container for growth, expansion and development. It helps normalize what so many mothers feel when they decelerate on their career for leave and provides important tools and strategies to help you traverse through these feelings with more ease and confidence. I am thankful my employer is supporting me by offering Maturn and know it’s growing me as both a leader and a mother.


Wealth Relationship Manager, Vancity

The Maturn program and community has completely changed my outlook on my current maternity leave, and even the way I look at my past leave. Each module and meeting I take makes me wish I had the opportunity to participate in a program like this during my first leave, because the information provided by doctors, counsellors, and other subject matter experts has been so helpful. Hearing from experts and learning about other mothers’ experiences has given me so much confidence in my approach towards parenthood, and navigating the many emotions that mothers can experience throughout pregnancy and during the early months of motherhood. The content provided in this program is informative, applicable, and delivered in an easily consumable format. The online community gatherings ensure you’re not isolated as a new mother, and they are facilitated in a thoughtful way that encourages self compassion and peace of mind. Maturn has made me a more confident mother, and has inspired me to be an even stronger leader in my organization. Maturn has shown me there are different paths in our leave and subsequent return to the workplace, and now I have more skills to support my team in their journey when required.

Basically I told my manager “I joined this program as an expression of interest from an email that went out, and it turned out to be the best thing I could have done for anyone on Maturnity leave—everyone should do this or at least be given the opportunity it’s that good”


Branch Manager, Vancity

From Organizations

Collaborating with Maturn was a resounding yes for MineSense. We wholeheartedly embrace the concept of belonging, fostering an environment where we can flourish as complete individuals. Recognizing the distinct hurdles that mothers encounter in the workplace, we are committed to providing dedicated support. Our goal? To retain and empower exceptionally talented women, who contribute immeasurable value.

Tricia Hollyer

Chief People Officer, MineSense Technologies Ltd.

Investing in the leadership of mothers is not just a business strategy; it’s a moral imperative. Mothers bring unparalleled resilience, adaptability, and empathy to the workplace. When we empower and support them, we’re not only fostering a more inclusive and compassionate work environment, but we’re also unlocking the full potential of our organization. It’s part of the reason why we are thrilled to partner with Maturn and bring their programs to both our mothers and our leaders.

Alan Cosgrave

Regional Managing Partner, BC Advisory, MNP

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is proud to partner with Maturn to support team members on maternity leave, returning, or balancing the caregiving requirements of motherhood, while maintaining a fulfilling, busy career in the health care not-for-profit sector. We are grateful for the support we can provide team members through Maturn. This initiative fosters their talents and skills to continue to support children and families on the Canuck Place program facing unimaginable circumstances.

Denise Praill

CEO, Canuck Place

At Concert Properties, we are committed to supporting mothers who are navigating through a big life change to and from maternity leave. It’s one of the reasons we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Maturn. Through their maternity leave program and ‘Supporting Mothers, Advancing Equity’ People Leaders Workshop we aim to advance greater equity and inclusion for mothers and leaders. Putting people first is at the heart of Concert Properties’ story and we believe investing in these two offerings will collectively benefit us as leaders in our communities and in our business.

Aran Oster Clarke

Senior Vice President, People Experience, Concert Properties

This program is the right thing to do, not just for mothers, but also for SAP’s overall success as a company. We win as an organization when we support mothers experiencing this major life change during their career. Until now, this journey has primarily been expected for mothers to figure out maternity leave on their own, and our founding partnership on this first-of-its-kind offering in Canada, is going to change that. I firmly believe we are starting a movement for other companies to follow.

Megan Smith

Head of Human Resources, North America, SAP Canada

No one can prepare you for the huge internal shift that happens when you become a parent. Supporting our staff financially during their parental leave has always been a priority to us, but the return to work can also be a stressful and emotionally overwhelming experience. We want to make sure the transition back into the workforce is as seamless and flexible as possible.

Janelle Aaker

Chief Equity and People Officer, Vancity

At CG, our people are our greatest asset and we are committed to ensuring our workforce feels supported and valued throughout important life moments like becoming a parent. We know that while this transformational journey is exciting and rewarding it can also feel daunting to navigate parental leave and the return to work. We are thrilled to be partnering with Maturn in offering their innovative program to help women thrive both professionally and personally. This commitment ties into Canaccord Genuity’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion objectives to attract, develop, and retain team members who are empowered to bring their authentic selves to work and realize their full potential for excellence.

Melanie Chazny

Chief People Officer, Canaccord Genuity Group

Shaw is excited to be piloting the Maturn program for mothers transitioning to maternity leave. Given the hurdles and barriers mothers face, we know companies need to better support mothers and build cultures that encourage them to grow as leaders. From preparing mothers in the lead-up to maternity leave, while they are on leave and then in the return to work, we understand this is a pivotal time in a woman’s life and that support can help ease the transitions. That is why Shaw is proud to partner with Maturn and are an organization dedicated to fostering gender equity at work.

Randall Sellar

Director, Diversity, Inclusion and People Insights, Shaw

Becoming a mother should not be or feel like a penalty to your career and well being, and it does for too many. We have the power to change that, and now thanks to Maturn we also have important tools.

At FCM we recognize that supporting our staff through this transition is not only the right thing to do to advance equity, it’s also a smart business decision. People who are supported and given the tools to thrive during their parenthood journey are going to be more empowered upon their return – that’s a win for everyone.

Carole Saab


At Arc’teryx we believe in creating a space where people can bring their whole selves to work. That means creating the time and resources for transition through maternity leave. It’s beneficial for all of our people, not just parents, and even positively impacts our brand. We know that with support, flexibility, and empathy, the motherhood journey is one of the most valuable leadership experiences.

Mariah Marshall

Senior Manager, People and Culture, Arc’Teryx

Novo Nordisk recognizes that our people are the heartbeat of our company and make the difference in ensuring we deliver the very best for our patients. We are constantly revisiting our people programs to ensure it is sustainable and able support our employees in their work and life. We are thrilled to be piloting the Maturn program to support new mothers through the exciting life moment of becoming a parent and providing support before, during and the transition back after maternity leave. This program is available because of the voices of our employees – who requested this support! This commitment aligns with our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging vision of creating a rich and equitable community of belonging where our people are valued for the diversity they bring and empowered to be who they are and who they aspire to be.

Cal Rolle

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Novo Nordisk Canada

Beedie is pleased to be one of the first Real Estate Developers in Canada to invest in Maturn. Supporting mothers who work at Beedie through their maternity leave transition, the return to work, and in their early years of motherhood is a way we create more equity and inclusion within our organization. Supporting mothers who are growing their careers and their families is not only an economic imperative, it’s the right thing to do.

Ryan Beedie

President, Beedie