Mothers Who Lead: Busola Fagbebe

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Each month Maturn will be highlighting a current member of the Maturn community who is growing both their career and their family.

This month our highlighted member is: Busola Fagbebe

Company and Position:
MNP, Senior Manager Enterprise Risk – Internal Audit & Controls

Age of your kids :
14 years, 12 years, and 8 years.

How has Motherhood grown you as a leader?
Being a mom to three kids, each with their own unique personalities, has been an incredible journey. It’s taught me to appreciate the beauty of diversity, not just within my family but also within the teams I work with. As a leader, I’ve learned that just like my kids, every team member brings something special to the table. It’s about nurturing their individual strengths and creating a harmonious team where everyone thrives.

What are some unique challenges you have faced in growing your career and your family
The biggest challenge I’ve encountered is the delicate balancing act between my career and family life. It’s not always easy. One major hurdle was measuring my success against the performance and pace of my male peers. Evaluating decisions, especially those involving travel and networking events, from multiple perspectives was essential. But you know what? I’d go through that process a thousand times over because the rewards of both worlds are immeasurable. Additionally, I’ve come to realize that changing my mindset and perception during this phase has made all the difference in my approach.

Do you have any thoughts or quotes for other mothers who are growing their careers and their families?
Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth. Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children!. (The Book of Psalm 127:4-5 (MSG)). Point your kids in the right direction—when they’re old they won’t be lost. (The Book of Proverbs 22:6 (MSG)). Our children truly are among the most precious gifts and legacies we can offer to the world. Let’s commit ourselves to nurturing and guiding them to reach their full potential and, in turn, inspire them to pass on that gift to future generations.

Which Maturn program you are participating in?
I’m participating in the Motherhood Leadership Coaching Program

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    Your story is so inspiring, thank you for sharing Busola!

    And I agree with you, sometimes it is challenging to balance career and family, especially when there is a business trip scheduled. I used to look forward to participating in networking events and travelling for work before I had a baby, but now I am more hesitant. Thankfully, I have a supportive partner and that makes all the difference.


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