Mothers Who Lead: Jenny Lee-Leugner

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Each month Maturn will be highlighting a current member of the Maturn community who is growing both their career and their family.

This month our highlighted member is: Jenny Lee-Leugner

Company and Position:
Director, Communications, Vancouver Foundation

Age of your kids :
I have two daughters, ages 7 and 16 months.

How has Motherhood grown you as a leader?
Motherhood has been the single most important experience in growing me as a leader. It’s helped me combat imposter syndrome by proving how resilient and capable I am. It’s no small feat staying up all hours of the night rocking a sick baby while having to wake up early the next day to pack lunches and also remembering grocery lists, library book returns and registration dates for activities.
It’s also helped bring perspective on what’s really important, which in turn has given me the ability to be more empathetic towards others and more firm about setting boundaries. The learning curve of motherhood is steep and I’m grateful for having been thrust into the challenge and gift of it all because I’ve come out the other side so much more self assured as a leader both professionally and personally.

What are some unique challenges you have faced in growing your career and your family
I navigated postpartum depression with my first and later on experienced multiple miscarriages before the birth of my second daughter, all the while trying to prioritize growing my career and learning how to be a working parent. I’ve had to be very intentional and patient with myself on how I prioritize my mental and physical health. This meant asking for help or taking a step back to focus on myself. Too often, mothers (in the most inclusive sense of the word) feel like we have to constantly prove our worth and the idea of stepping back or asking for help can feel like failure but I’ve learned through the challenges I’ve faced that it’s the opposite. It takes courage to do those things and reflecting back on it now, it’s what I believe saved me and ultimately helped grow my career and my beautiful family.

Do you have any thoughts or quotes for other mothers who are growing their careers and their families?
You can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself first. I stand by this because it not only ensures that I have the emotional, mental, and physical capacity to mother but it also models for my daughters the importance of taking care of themselves.

Which Maturn program you are participating in?
I’m participating in the Maternity Leave Program


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