Mothers Who Lead: Kieran Kandola

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Each month Maturn will be highlighting a current member of the Maturn community who is growing both their career and their family.

This month our highlighted member is: Kieran Kandola

Company and Position:
Project Manager, Concert Properties

Age of your kids :
My son Kayden is 3 years old.

How has Motherhood grown you as a leader?
Motherhood has grown me as a leader, as I have learned so much through my son, as he continues to explore the world and challenge perceived notions and practices. It has encouraged me that we should not remain static and should continue to expand our approach and understanding of the environment and people around us.
Watching Kayden engage and interact with a diverse group of people such as family members, friends, and childcare providers in a variety of ways has encouraged me to adopt a more inquisitive and open-minded approach in my leadership style. Where I have learned to value diverse perspectives and appreciate the richness that different viewpoints bring to problem-solving and decision-making.

What are some unique challenges you have faced in growing your career and your family
Unique challenges I have faced growing a family and career at the same time are aligning my core values of excelling in my career while being a fun and engaged mother. When these core values feel out of alignment, it is challenging to excel or even maintain being a mother and leader; therefore, creating healthy boundaries and asking for help allows me the necessary space to thrive in both environments.

Do you have any thoughts or quotes for other mothers who are growing their careers and their families?
That asking for help from your community, co-workers, or family, when you need it, can allow you to be the mother you want to be while excelling in your career.

Which Maturn program you are participating in?
I’m participating in the Motherhood Leadership Coaching Program


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